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We’ve created a hub of resources to help you optimize your Coral AI experience.

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⭐️ Best Practices

Tips to optimize your Coral AI experience

Getting Started

Upload Different File Formats

Upload Scanned PDFs and Images

Tag Documents & Chat with Groups of Docs

Which AI Model Should I Use?

Use Different Languages

View or Delete Message History

Bulk Upload Documents


📝 Step-By-Step Tutorials

Guides on using Coral AI for research, studying, content, and more




Social Media Content

Study Guides

Cover Letters

Practice Tests/Quizzes

News Digest

🗣️ Prompts

Guides on crafting the perfect prompt + starter prompts to try

Prompts Overview

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts Checklist

Example Prompts

🎥 Video Tutorials

Videos on how to use Coral AI

Getting Started

Tag Documents & Chat with Groups of Docs

🔗 Connect

Share Coral AI with your community!

Affiliate Program



📚 Learn More

Learn about AI, machine learning, research techniques, and more

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